Things to Know Before Visiting Egypt

Considered a bucket-list destination to many, you can say there is something for everyone in Egypt. But in order to return home with a story to tell, you need a few tips to get the most out of your experience. Here are some essential things to know before visiting Egypt. Book before you come Whether you’re […]

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How To Book A Flight

Booking a flight can be quite overwhelming, yet as easy as the breeze. Going on any trip requires planning and adequate information so as to avoid being stuck in any part of the trip. Check these out before you decide on booking your next trip, hopefully, they come handy. Use a friendly flight search engine […]

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10 Visa Free Countries for Nigerians

Visa applications and processing can be stressful and full of hassles sometimes for travel lovers and those looking a quick getaway destination. Travel can either be impulsive or a surprise trip could also be on the cards for a loved one and you might just be looking for a visa-free travel destination with your Nigerian passport. Take […]

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7 Tips For Planning Your First Trip To Africa

More and more individuals of the African diaspora are exploring the world; however, many have never visited the lands of our ancestors. Many travelers are quick to hop on a flight to Paris or Bangkok but hesitate to book a trip to Accra or Kampala. We are constantly bombarded with negative imagery of Africa, including […]

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