ROME, The capital city of  Italy, is one of the most beautiful and culturally endowed cities in the world, Home to the “Vatican City” (the smallest sovereign state in the world by both area and population). It has been the birthplace to some of the greatest empires and minds of the past contributing to the […]

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11 Did You Know Facts About Travel

  1. Traveling can improve problem solving skills and boost creativity. New sounds, smells, tastes, languages, and sights create new synapses in the brain and promote neuroplasticit 2. Travelling has been scientifically proven to dramatically lower stress. 3. Traveling is full of joy, challenges, and broadened perspectives 4. Because traveling pulls people out of their own […]

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Tips On Planning Your Child’s Birth Abroad

As you may already know, having a baby normally should take some form of planning, however, there’s no predicting how getting pregnant could happen. Whether your pregnancy was planned or happened unexpectedly, you can still plan for the birth of your precious one even after conceiving. First, you need to decide what kind of birthing […]

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