1. More of local tourism:
    Due to the current closure on international flights in the country, we have to consider exploring our vast local tourist destination options in Nigeria. Until we can travel internationally for skiing in Dubai, a walk in New York times Square and to see the Tower Bridge in London, we need to embrace our local options. Click here to read summer destinations in Lagos state.
  2. Embrace touch-less travel:
    Thanks to technological innovation you can still explore tourist destinations and enjoy pleasant sceneries without traveling physically. Virtual tourism is making waves as an alternative to enjoy tourism. So if you still feel unsure about mixing with people, you should explore our packaged Aspom Virtual Online Tours, available here .
  3. Plan with a travel agent/expert:
    Anne Scully said “If anyone booked without a travel advisor during this period, they learned they should have”. During these uncertain times, your best best is to patronize a reputable travel expert to advise your travel plans and any adjustments that might come up. Read here why you should patronize a travel agent.

Here are some travel tips you should take note of.

  1. Travel decision is a personal decision: If you do not feel comfortable about traveling yet, you don’t have to. There are amazing local destinations to visit and virtual tours you can explore with.
  2. If you are sick, stay at home: For your good and for the general health of people around you.
  3. Research: Familiarize yourself with the latest information from the health departments, your local health professional, airlines/travel agents; in case of flight disruptions.
  4. Do not touch your face
  5. Stay in contact with your airline/travel agent: Keep up to date with your Travel agent should any change occur.
  6. Travel Insurance: Due to the ongoing situation with the virus, be sure to protect yourself with the relevant travel insurance in case of last minute cancellations.