Given below are things you need to consider before giving birth abroad:

1. Budget
It’s good to know your budget, and best to talk about this with your partner. If you know your budget, it will be easy for you to decide on most things. Private or public hospital or home? Home country or host country or another country? How many tickets do you need to purchase? Monthly food allowance? Car rental or public transportation? Daycare or homeschooling or babysitter? Oh, let’s not forget the never-ending baby items – new or used?

2. Location
Where are you going to give birth? In your host country? In your home country? What about your food, housing, and transportation? Do you need a visa to stay there? How long can you stay there? Remember the whole experience will take longer than you hope. So anticipate. Do your research. Ask other expat moms.

3. Flight Regulations or flying while pregnant
Each airline has its own regulations for flying while pregnant. So pay attention to this when traveling in different airlines. Depending on the airline and how far along are you, you will need a doctor’s certificate and/or other supporting documents.

4. Baby’s Paperwork
You need to decide which citizenship(s) your child will hold and if the country they are born into will grant automatic citizenship. Do you need to apply for citizenship by descent and a passport from your own country of nationality?
Depending on which country, you may need to report the birth to the embassy. The embassy can also provide all the information you need for citizenship/passport application.

5. Clinical and Check ups
Which clinic are you going to visit for your prenatal and postnatal checkups? Remember you may still be making weekly visits there by the last months of your pregnancy. Do you need an English-speaking Doctor? Do you prefer a midwife? Do you want a female doctor? Are there laboratory tests you haven’t done in your country? Once you’ve decided on the clinic, give them a call and set an appointment. Don’t forget to bring all your checkup and laboratory records.

6. Going home
Do you already have a date to go back to your country? Are you going to wait for your 6th-week check up? Are you also going to wait for your baby’s one-month checkup and vaccination? Which airline? How many plane tickets? Who will be traveling with you? Are your bags packed? Feel free to check out what’s in my diaper bag