With the winter months behind us, it’s time to start planning for summer!  If you’re looking for an adventure-filled/food-loving country to spend your summer vacation in, then Lebanon is the place for you. Here is a list of reasons why Lebanon is the perfect place for your summer vacation.

1. The food



Located on the eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon is famous for its rich cuisine. Indulging in Lebanese food is a cultural experience in itself. The country is known for its mouthwatering dishes and its love for food. In fact, its one of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain‘s favorite spots.

If you are a wine lover, Lebanon is full of beautiful wineries where you can wine and dine in the most exquisite way. A few of the wineries on the list are Chateau Kefraya, Chateau Ksara, IXSIR and Domaine De Baal.

2. Hike across Lebanon’s mountains and through its forests



Lebanon is known for its greenery and beautiful landscapes where adventure lovers can get away from the crowded streets of Beirut and spend a day hiking in the fresh air of Lebanon’s many forest reserves. A few of these reserves are Horsh Ehden natural reserve, Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve, Mount Sannine, Chouf biosphere reserve and of course Qornet al Sawda, which is Lebanon’s highest mountain peak. You can also spend the night camping in some of the reserves. If you are adventurous enough, places like Cedars Ground Campsite in the Chouf and Qornet al Sawda are great places to sleep under the stars.

3. Beirut’s nightlife



If there is one thing the Lebanese people have in common it’s that they love to party hard. For this reason Beirut’s nightlife is always bustling all throughout the year and especially during the summer months. As soon as the sun goes down people flock towards the many pubs and clubs lining the city’s streets.

4. Historical and natural sights



Lebanon is full of natural and historical sights where tourists and locals are guaranteed an experience like no other. Beirut’s iconic Raouche rock, the Jetta Grotto, Byblos castle, Sidon sea castle, and the Baatara Gorge waterfall in Tannourine are just some examples.

Be sure not to miss out on Nahr el Kalb, where you’ll find some 20 inscriptions carved into the limestone rocks of the river. These inscriptions are those of foreign armies who entered the country. Napoleon’s French army is just one of many.

5. And of course, the people

For Lebanese people, good hospitality is a big part of their culture. Whether you are staying in a hotel or at someone’s home, expect five star treatment. Also, don’t come full because Lebanese people love to feed their guests. Sahtein!

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