Are you attending a visa interview soon and you have no idea where to start? Well we have put together a few tips to help you through the journey!

  1. Dress appropriately

It is often said that you should dress the way you wish to be addressed, attending a visa interview shouldn’t be an exception. Dress in comfortable, but well-fitting clothing, ensure you look neat and iron clothes where needed. Avoid overdoing it, you don’t want to appear before a consulate looking like a masquerade or a puppet, or even looking like you’re attending a party. A formal dressing is advised.


  1. Arrive early

There’s nothing like being fashionably late, it’s simply an excuse for indiscipline. If you have an interview scheduled for a specific time, ensure you get to the interview venue at least 45mins before the appointment. This allows you time to settle, locate where you should be seated, and every other necessary information you will need to equip yourself with before the interview.

You don’t want to rush into the venue looking all ruffled up and sweaty, you also wouldn’t want to miss your appointment, you might not be lucky enough to get another one.


  1. Try not to look nervous

We understand attending a visa interview can be nerve wrecking, especially if it’s your first time, however, do your best not to allow your nerves get the best of you! Take deep breaths, count to ten in-between and relax. Think of it as being either of two things, you’re either given the visa, or denied, we sure don’t want you denied your visa, hence, don’t allow the consulate see your nerves.


  1. Great and smile

There’s nothing more off-putting that appearing before a consulate with a very strong and angry look. No matter how much of a bad day you were having before the interview, you will need to learn to set it aside and wear a warm and friendly smile. It is welcoming and endearing.

Be sure to greet, don’t be forward, but at the same time, it is rude to just walk in and wait to be greeted first.


  1. Be confident in your answers

It is very important that you exude confidence, however don’t overdo it. You don’t want the consulate thinking you are arrogant, this is a major turn off. Ensure you show enough confidence to carry you through the interview session effortlessly.


  1. Be polite and demonstrate respect in your language

You never at any point in time want to come across as rude. You should learn the use of please and thank you where needed. Even where you have all your documentations right and you have crossed your Ts and dotted your “I”s, you still don’t want to come across as being rude and condescending.


  1. Don’t be afraid to say “I beg your pardon” if you do not understand a question because of the interviewer’s accent.

We have a different accent, as such, its OK if you do not clearly understand what the consulate is saying or their accent in general. As opposed to just assuming when you’re not sure, simply ask politely what was said.


  1. Have all the necessary authentic documents on hand

This is a very important part of preparing for your visa interview. Nothing shows lack of seriousness and lack of preparation than showing up for a visa interview without all necessary documents. Make a checklist of all necessary documents, a night before the interview, check and cross check to be sure you have everything needed. Showing up with less documents than required can get you denied. Be sure not to over pack also, don’t put documents that are totally not necessary.


  1. Know your travel itinerary

If you are required to book flights and hotel before traveling, ensure you know your travel itinerary to avoid “errrm” and guessing when asked during the interview. Print it out if possible to enable you familiarize yourself with the necessary details of your traveling.


  1. Have strong ties in Nigeria such as a job, a company, or family members that are dependent on you.

Nobody wants to give visa to someone who is perceived a flight risk. Show the consulate that you have reasons to come back, you can do this by showing you have strong ties to Nigeria. Your job, family, registered business are ways to demonstrate this.


We sincerely hope that these tips come in handy when next you have a job interview, well let’s wish you good luck in advance!