Travelling is the most exciting thing one can do, but sometimes the lack of “someone” to reciprocate the excitement can make it underwhelming. Hence the need for the “Buddy system”.

A buddy is a friend, partner, casual acquaintance, stranger that provides companionship. Travelling with a companion can be an added spice to an already seasoned travel plan and its advantages cannot be overlooked.

Below are the various benefits derived from travelling with a BUDDY!



Travelling with a buddy gives you the feeling of safety and security and allows you to stress less over trivial issues e.g looking after your belongings while you go to the restroom.



Travelling with a companion tends to be cheaper than travelling solo, it gives you the freedom to split bills and share expenses than otherwise would have been fully paid for by you.






 The purpose of travelling is to make enjoyable, long-lasting memories and experiences, going alone inhibits this. As the saying goes “Experiences are better shared with others”. Having a travel buddy not only makes your journey more fun, it strengthens the bond you both (buddy) have.




Travelling with a friend or companion provides a great deal of convenience. It gives you the leeway to be more expressive i.e Taking Photos rather than asking strangers.

 Although the buddy system is generally positive, a lot boils down to individual preference. “How you are in your everyday life?! An introvertive traveller would rather be alone than bring company, this distinction is what makes a trip miserable or enjoyable.