We don’t need to tell you this, but flying in economy isn’t exactly a glamorous or enjoyable experience.

Sure, it’s totally fine for quick domestic flights, but being contained during a small seat that doesn’t have much recline, pitch or legroom for quite a couple of hours really starts to require a toll on your body (and, let’s be real, your mind). Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a number of our favourite tips and tricks so you’ll walk off your next long-haul flight feeling fresh as a daisy.


Don’t pick your seat assignment blindly. We recommend checking Seat Guru before you click “confirm” — in any case , you don’t want to finish up smack within the middle of a 2-4-2 configuration or right next to the lavatory, do you? You may also want to think about selecting an exit row seat (just know the pros and cons) for more legroom. But unless you’ve got status, you’ll probably need to buy the privilege.


Didn’t get 22A? Don’t panic. But don’t wait until you get to the airport to see certain your flight, either. During the (usually 24-hour) check-in period, watch the seat map and refresh it regularly — something better could easily open up at now , and if you’re ready to score a window or aisle seat, the standard of your flight are going to be significantly better.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Comfort is vital when traveling, especially toward the rear of the plane. More likely than not, you’re getting to want to urge some shuteye, so wear clothes that resemble (or a minimum of feel like) pajamas, without actually being, you know, pajamas. You still want to seem a minimum of somewhat presentable.


Travelers should dress in layers, but this is often very true if you’re on a long-haul flight. Nothing, after all, is more uncomfortable than wild inflight temperature swings. And don’t expect airlines to offer you quite a bolt of thin fabric in coach as a stand-in for a blanket, so consider investing during a cozy scarf, wrap or cape that you simply can easily wear and off, wear as a sweater or curl under when you’re trying to sleep.

For men and women, “Make Travel Luxurious Again” travel set, which includes a travel wrap, socks and a sleep mask that pack away in a zip-up case that easily fits in your carry-on. And did we mention everything is formed of 100% cashmere? You’ll be easier (and feel more extravagant) than travelers flying within the front of the plane. Well, almost.


When you think you’ve had enough water, drink some more. Flight attendants — especially in coach — are somewhat notorious for not handing out enough water, but don’t be afraid to invite what you would like . Air on planes is understood for being incredibly dry, and it can really start to ruin your body. You’ll be ready to start your trip on the proper foot if you’re hydrated and taking care of yourself, so pack a reusable bottle — just like the lightweight Vapour bottles that collapse and lie flat when empty — and fill it up after security.


Airplane food isn’t exactly a gourmet dining experience (unless, of course, you’re sitting at the sharp end of the plane). So, pack a number of your favorite snacks from home to try to to away with those pesky hunger pains. Just be mindful of your fellow passengers, please and many thanks , and stick with less, well, aromatic foods.


Like we said, you’ll likely want to urge some sleep on the long flight (and if nothing else, it’s an honest thanks to pass some time). If you can’t nod off easily naturally, it’s not a nasty idea to bring a touch help with you. Whether it’s melatonin, a dose of Benadryl or something a touch stronger — prescribed by your doctor, in fact — having the ability to nod off easily can make a world of difference.


It’s no secret that a lot of airlines’ inflight entertainment systems aren’t precisely the most entertaining. And they’re never reliable, especially if you’re enduring the end of the day in coach. So, download that podcast you’ve been aiming to hear or every episode of the tv series you’ve been eager to binge. If that’s not your style, there’s always an honest quaint book that would use some love.